Transform Your Patients Into Ideal Patients

What makes an ideal dental patient?  Ideal dental patients make and keep regular appointments, say “yes” to your recommended treatment, are happy to be in your dental chair, don’t move or compromise the procedure, heal nicely, and brag about how great you are.  Ideal patients are your best advocates – they spread the word to their friends and family and help grow your business through referrals.  Ideal patients make you a better clinician, a better service provider, and a better dental business owner.  How many ideal patients do you have in your practice?

The unfortunate reality is that ideal dental patients are few and far between.  Most Americans don’t want to be in a dental chair.  In fact, according to the ADA, approximately 60M Americans avoid going to the dentist due to fear and anxiety.  Research indicates that 82% of the Americans that routinely visit a dentist experience some level of anxiety about their visit.  Patient fear and anxiety is a problem that every dentist and their respective team members confront daily.

An anxious mind avoids dental treatment.  An anxious body resists medications and compromises treatment efficacy and efficiency.  Anxious patients create a stressful environment which in turn creates anxiety for the dentist and team.  Simply stated, anxious patients are not ideal patients and are bad for your business.  In fact, they typically have negative experiences, disrupt and compromise the procedure, and are NOT a good referral source for your dental business.

The NuCalm™ Solution

NuCalm™ is a new technology revolutionizing the patient experience.  This patent-pending technology creates ideal patients by naturally interrupting an anxious response and invoking full body relaxation.  NuCalm addresses the midbrain activities associated with the body’s “flight-or-flight” response (stressor > Amygdala > Hypothalamus > Anterior Pituitary Gland > Adrenal Gland) and naturally creates parasympathetic nervous system dominance.  This technology leverages the communication mechanisms used to prepare the body for sleep, making a patient feel the deep relaxation they feel moments before they fall asleep.

This unique technology invokes deep relaxation without using narcotics or controlled substances, causes no significant side effects, and requires no recuperative time or supervision.  Imagine working on a still patient that has not been rendered chemically unconscious and cognitively impaired, but is simply relaxing as if they are about to fall asleep.  You can focus exclusively on your dentistry while your patient enjoys a new phenomenon – relaxing in your dental chair.  This system is a natural relaxation therapy that is easy for patients and dental professionals to use.  In four simple steps, NuCalm is administered and patients begin relaxing within five minutes.  NuCalm is as simple to use as chewing some vitamins, using an electrical stimulation device, listening to an MP3 player, and wearing sunglasses. There are no cognitive or physical impairments, and just as with sleep, you can’t be allergic or become addicted to NuCalm.  Patients can come and go on their own and dental professionals don’t have to worry about the risks associated with being a part-time anesthesiologist.  The patient’s post NuCalm treatment experience is a feeling of rejuvenation and relief due to the neuromuscular release and functional nervous system homeostasis.

During a dental procedure, NuCalm patients can respond to voice commands, but are typically unable to have an anxious response because they are experiencing the first stage of sleep.  Patients using NuCalm exhibit deep breathing, muscle relaxation in the head, neck and jaw, reduced salivary flow, reduced tongue movement, reduced gag reflexes, and a relaxed body posture.  NuCalm dentists are saving 26% – 37% chairside time because their patients are completely relaxed in the dental chair.

Two pioneering neuroscientists developed NuCalm over a 7-year period and it was brought to the dental industry in 2010.  To date over 32,100 dental patients across the United States have experienced a relaxing dental visit without a single reported adverse experience.  NuCalm is changing how people perceive their dental appointments; over 95% of NuCalm patients state they would use it again and over 98% of NuCalm patients state they would recommend it to their friends and family.  NuCalm is a new revolution in dentistry and an evolution of the dental experience.  Make everyone an ideal patient with NuCalm.

Stay tuned… We are compiling real clinical experiences form our doctors that have recently joined the NuCalm revolution.

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