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The ultimate artists’ canvas…Custom built for elegance and perfection. The leucite-reinforced ceramic of Cera-glass has a naturally translucent quality that parallels the exceptional esthetics and flexural strength of its pressed ceramic cousins. A Cera-glass restoration has the internal characteristics, depth of color and opalescent beauty you expect from the best hand-layered porcelain.

Highly esthetic and translucent applications

Parafunctional activity (severe bruxing and clenching), dark preps, metal post and core, bevel preps

Preferred shade guide:
Vita 3D, Vita Classic, Stumpf Guide, ND Guide


  • Dramatic esthetic results
  • One of the finest porcelains to be hand-layered on a refractory die
  • Indicated for single crowns and veneers
  • Flexural strength of 125 Mpa
  • Bondable
  • Ideal for more conservative preparations
  • Unsurpassed fit