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Success Stories

"I've been in practice for over 18 years and have worked with many labs. After dealing with several inconsistencies with all the other labs including local and national labs, a colleague referred me to New Image Laboratory. I was at a point where I was willing to try a new lab, three years later I will not work with any other laboratory. They do beautiful cosmetic work as well as my day-to-day crowns. I even use them for my removable prosthodontics. I highly recommend New Image and know my colleagues feel the same way."

Maria Benefield, DMD Atlanta, GA

"Jeff, Jessica and I have developed a strong relationship based on years of working together. New Image is always ready to support my center and my referring clinicians with a simple phone call, text, or email. New Image is a highly knowledgeable resource for implant-related restorative dentistry.”

Brock J. Pumphrey, DMD Atlanta, GA / Roswell, GA

"I have been working with Jeff and the talented people at New Image Dental Laboratory since 1997. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to the entire team for the quality laboratory work I have received. In a time when dental technology is changing very rapidly, New Image always seems to be ahead of the curve. I think that if I had to pick one exceptional quality above the excellent technical work they provide, I would have to choose the outstanding communications between the lab and our office. The team has always been available to me to help with the planning of complex cases, or even to give advice on specific cases that are beyond the routine dentistry we sometimes are faced with. Overall, I am impressed with the quality, communication, and skills of everyone I have worked with at New Image. Thanks all!"

William Ross, DMD, FAGD Rock Hill, SC

“I feel very lucky to have New Image Dental Lab as part of my dental team. From the most basic of services, such as night guards (Our patients love the UltraFlex Nightguards!) to All-on-4 Implant cases, it has been a great lab for our office. Everyone I have ever talked to at New Image has been super responsive, and they are always willing to help me “think outside the box” on more difficult cases. You know that you have a good lab when the owner, Jeff, is willing to get on a live video chat to see the patient in your chair and to help discuss possible treatment options. I have also had the pleasure of working chairside with Fay, New Image’s Surgical and Restorative Specialist, on my larger implant cases. There is nothing better than bringing the lab technician to your office and allowing the patient to see who is working on their case and what is involved in the production of their appliance. Many of my patients consider Fay as part of their dental family now. I also love the fact that when Covid-19 forced the shut down of all the dental offices, New Image was hard at work making face shields to help get dental offices up and running again as safely as possible. I feel very confident that New Image doesn't just look at my patients as a number or the next case, but they care about the overall outcome and how it is going to affect their overall well-being.”

Sherry Padgett, DMD Peachtree City, GA

"I have been working with New Image Dental Lab since 2018 and I can't say enough great things about them. I am an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and my practice is fully digital. Prior working with New Image Lab I struggled to find a lab that was consistent with fabrication of occlusal guards for my TMD patient's needs and also a lab that could make surgical guides for implant cases that were accurate in the delivery of the plan. At a dental conference in Atlanta I met Debbie and immediately she sent me a welcome package with lots of great information and brochures for their services.That was the start of a wonderful professional relationship between us. Everyone at New Image Lab is very friendly and are very prompt in helping you with all your needs. Late 2019 I had an open house at my new office building. New Image was there to support me. Thara came and set up a station in one of my rooms to show patients and other office staff members what they do for us. This was fun and also very educational for everyone. New Image also has a rapid turnaround of cases and is very consistent and reliable in the products I use. I prefer the Ultra-Flex guards. They are very comfortable which increases great patient satisfaction. They provide an easy transition for patients that have never used a guard before. They are very comfortable and easy to adjust if necessary. I even ordered one for myself. Now the service that I love the most is their guided implant case service including treatment planning discussions by sharing a screen with their CAD/CAM Specialist, Josh Collins. Josh is wonderful! I feel he’s a vital member of my team. Because of this relationship I decided a few years ago to have all my cases be fully guided. This has improved the success rate of all my cases, referring dentist and patient satisfaction. I recommend New Image Dental Lab without reservations! "

Jennibeth Robles-Velez, DMD Aiken, SC

“For over a decade of working together, New Image has proved to be consistent and reliable. Their team is always communicating with me on cases and asking for feedback on how to make treatment better. I’ve always recommended them to colleagues and will continue to do so!”

Despina M Markogiannakis, DDS Chevy Chase, MD

“I have gotten so spoiled working with New Image Lab. Before I found them, I would dread my implant crown delivery appointments. Being in practice for 25 years, I’ve had my share of unexpected adjustments at that final appointment. It can be stressful and downright embarrassing when this happens. New Image Laboratory is now my saving grace for the most consistent crown insertions I’ve experienced! I love the one-on-one relationship I have with them and that they help me plan every case. Being laboratory specialists, I appreciate their guidance on materials and design so I know my patients end up with the best restoration possible. New Image - Thank you for all you do for me and my patients!”

Leslie G. Hehir, DMD Cumming, GA

"We have been using New Image for many years now, and don’t know what we would do without them! It is especially comforting to know that any removable case that the team delivers back is going to be right on every time."

Dr. Blair Waldron Marietta, GA

“I have been in practice for over 35 years and have worked with many dental labs over that time. I started working with New Image about three years ago and can honestly say that by far, New Image has been the best overall experience I have ever had with any dental lab! It all starts from the top and Jeff, the owner, is nothing short of amazing! From his knowledge, expertise and experience to his personable and 5 star customer service approach, he has never disappointed me! Jeff has essentially partnered with me by always ensuring that my cases are streamlined and on time as well helping me gain case acceptance when scheduling is an issue for a patient! Over all, New Image has been an excellent choice for me due to the excellent quality of restorations that easily and quickly seat, making me look very good to my patients. I am thrilled to have Jeff and New Image Dental Lab as they have improved my practice and reputation for excellent quality dental care to our patients!”

Joseph Haddad, DDS Somerset, NJ

"I have worked with New Image for years because I know they have the best interest of my practice at heart with every case."

Angelo Kliossis, DDS Atlanta, GA

"The communication and great customer service I have received from New Image has built trust and a great partnership over the years."

Anushka Amin, DMD Conyers, GA