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  • Abutment and Crown

    Abutment and Crown

    Implants are the ideal choice to restore a patient’s smiles! Whether through traditional or digital impressions, your New Image team carefully designs patient-specific abutments. We work with all manufacturer abutments which ensures you retain your warranty on the implant. We offer titanium, gold hue and zirconia abutments.

  • Overdentures and Hybrids

    Overdentures and Hybrids

    Full-arch implant restorations afford life-changing benefits to the fully edentulous patient. Their superior prosthetic stability and dental function, along with their capacity to mitigate bone loss and preserve the oral and facial structures of the patient, make them a much better option than the traditional denture. New Image offers many restorative options ranging from the placement of 2 dental implants to hold a removable overdenture in place to the delivery of a fixed full-arch restoration over 4 or more implants. We work with our clients to create the best possible treatment for a specific patient. Quick Nav: Locator Overdenture, Bar Supported, Removable Overdenture, Hybrids.

  • Surgical Guides

    Surgical Guides

    Using CT scans eliminates the guesswork for the Surgeon, the Dentist and the laboratory by collecting a 3D image of the patient’s anatomy. With this information, the team can collaborate on a surgical plan for the placement of implants to achieve the best prosthetic results.