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  • Premium Dentures

    Our Premium Dentures not only restore a patient’s ability to eat and speak but also gives a boost to their confidence. Careful attention is given to palatal anatomy, meticulous festooning and gingival stippling. We offer a variety of shades in Lucitone 199, Meharry or through the Ivocap Injection Processing system. Premium denture teeth include but are not limited to Dentsply (Portrait IPN), Heraeus Mondial, Ivoclar (Blueline) and Vita (Vitapan).

  • Standard Dentures

    Our Standard Dentures are an economical option to restore a patient’s ability to eat and speak. Our standard dentures offer a smooth palate, general festooning and high impact acrylic. Trubyte Classic teeth are used in Vita shades or using your preferred standard teeth selection.

  • Premium Digital Dentures

    Premium Digital Dentures are revolutionary technology that allows you to provide a superior fit with a reduced number of appointments. The denture is completely digitally designed in 3D software allowing for easy refabrication if needed. Printed using Carbon technology and Lucitone resin, layer by layer the base is fabricated and Dentsply teeth are placed prior to being light cured in. The final prosthesis is hand finished by a technician, adding in anatomical features for a premium finish.

  • Metal Partial Dentures

    Our premium metal partials are made of Wironium. Wironium is a nickel- free and biocompatible patented alloy that is enriched with nitrogen. It is characterized by superior strength and ease of repeated adjustability of the clasps. These partials are finished with Lucitone 199 acrylic and Dentsply, Vita or Ivoclar teeth. Our standard metal partials are made from a vitallium alloy and finished with high impact acrylic. Can also be used with Nesbits. Trubyte Classic teeth are used in Vita shades, unless otherwise specified.

  • Metal-free Partials

    Metal-free Partials are as popular as ever. Their high esthetics, comfort and biocompatibility make them an ideal choice. Depending on your preference, our lab offers a variety of choices including Flexite, Snow Rock, Valplast, Essix Appliances, Nesbits and Flippers.