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Meet Our Team

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Meet Our Team

We are proud to be part of the elite laboratories in the nation that have earned the distinction of being a Certified Dental Laboratory. Our team of highly trained technicians and managers have an average of 18 years experience working with the laboratory. Their expertise in the field of dentistry sets New Image Dental Laboratory apart from our competitors.

Jeff Paulen

Jeff Paulen

37 years of NI service
41 years of industry service

Customer Service and Technical Advisors

Our production team stays with your cases from beginning to end. Their commitment to excellence never waivers. They constantly strive to meet or exceed your expectations in their pursuit of quality and the end result…a happy patient!


Fay A.

Surgical and Restorative Specialist & Customer Service
21 years of NI service
36 years of industry service


Jessica G.

Director of Production
11 years of NI service


Ilissa F.

Director of Business Operations
9 years of NI service


Kenny W., CDT

Implant Specialist
37 years of NI service
41 years of industry service


Allie H.

Director of Finance
11 years of NI service


Samantha P.

Director of Marketing Strategy and Customer Service
3 years of NI service


Larry T.

Customer Service
10 years of NI service
41 years of industry service

Victor Harp_Large

Victor H.

CAD/CAM Manager

Michael J Background

Michael J.

Removable Manager

Sales Team

Our seasoned team of salespeople are dedicated to your success.


Debbie S.

Sales Manager
26 years of NI service


Marjie M.

Senior Territory Manager
24 years of NI service