Overdentures and Hybrids

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  • EasyLock Overdenture with MK-1 Attachments

    This truly unique appliance is one of the best implant bar solutions on the market. The primary bar is designed with a 25 degree angulation in the anterior region to allow an easy path of insertion and avoid movement on the occlusal axis. Two MK-1 attachments are used in the posterior area locking the denture onto the primary bar. This gives the patient the same feeling as a fixed restoration while still allowing for easy removal of the denture for cleaning.

  • Friction Fit Integrated Bar Overdenture

    This overdenture securely fits onto custom abutments that allow for up to 30 degrees of angular correction. Nylon sleeves within the overdenture provide several levels of retention. This overdenture can be easily removed by the patient while still allowing the same feeling as a fixed restoration.

  • Locator Overdenture with Cast Framework

    A removable prosthetic which is tissue-supported and implant retained. It offers multiple levels of retention and a lower vertical profile. The self-aligning design enables patients to easily seat their dentures. This is our most cost effective solution.

  • Screw-Retained Milled Titanium Bar with Acrylic Hybrid

    Using precise CAD/CAM technology, a custom titanium bar is designed and milled. Acrylic teeth are then processed onto the bar which is then fixed in the mouth with abutment screws. An excellent replacement to traditional dentures for patients who are edentulous.

  • Screw-Retained Milled Zirconia Hybrid Denture

    CAD/CAM designed and milled, this option is the ultimate in esthetics. The denture is milled from a solid block of zirconia, hand-colored and polished to match natural teeth and gums. This appliance is then screwed directly to the implants for stability.

  • Screw-Retained Zirconia/Titanium (ZTB) Hybrid Denture

    This highly esthetic, milled zirconia prosthetic screws securely into a titanium bar that is designed to solve screw angulation issues to provide an esthetic solution for edentulous patients.

  • Titanium Bar with Attachments and Cast Metal Framework Overdenture

    This removable prosthetic is bar-supported and attachment retained. We can utilize Locator, Bredent, Hader or a combination of attachments. This is an excellent choice when a patient has been edentulous and is in need of a flange for lip support.