Abutment and Crown

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  • CAD/CAM Abutments

    CAD/CAM abutments are carefully custom-designed by our experienced team in our laboratory. Software uses information from digital position recognition of the patient’s implant platform to create the custom abutment. The abutments are then milled using CAD/CAM technology by the specific implant manufacturer which retains your implant warranty. CAD/CAM abutments assist in making a better fitting abutment to implant connection. Final screw and a placement jig are included on all cases.

  • Custom Cast Abutments

    Custom cast abutments are ideal to use when there is a need to correct severe angulation or depth issues that cannot be achieved in CAD custom abutments. A UCLA abutment can be used when an implant is at or above tissue level to keep the margins as low as possible and when there is limited occlusal clearance. We offer our custom cast abutments full cast gold, high noble or noble alloys. These cases are true one piece units!

  • Screw-Retained Restorations

    Screw-retained implants have soared in popularity over the last several years. These restorations allow for an easy delivery, are easily retrieved and lessen the possibility of potential bone-loss. Each case is carefully evaluated by our experienced team to ensure an ideal and precise outcome.

  • BellaTek Encode Empowered Lab

    New Image was one of the first labs in the country hand selected by Zimmer Biomet to become a Bellatek Encode Empowered lab. The unique markings on the occlusal surface of the healing abutment allow them to function like an impression coping or scan body. The needed information to design an abutment is captured in one easy step without having to remove the healing cap. Encode is an affordable and simplified option using either digital or traditional impressions. New Image unlocks the “code” in Encode to provide you restorations with precision like never before!

  • Implant Temporaries

    We are proud to offer our Immediate Load Implant Temporary which is a unique two-in-one temporary that can be used on an abutment or as a Maryland bridge by cementing it to the adjacent teeth. Or choose an engaging or non-engaging Screw-retained PMMA Temporary with a titanium base. Either way, your patient will leave smiling!