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  • Full Contour Zirconia

    Full Contour Zirconia combines strength and esthetics for monolithic zirconia restorations. It’s an esthetic solution for bruxers and grinders when full-cast restorations are not desired or lacks the preparation space for PFM. Offered for posterior, as well as anterior for cases.

    • AllZir is our exclusive Full Contour Zirconia that is multi-layered to produce a more natural, translucent gradient esthetic. It is kind to opposing dentition with high strength and low wear.
    • BruxZir is a monochromatic Zirconia that is ideal for patients who brux, grind and clench their teeth.
    • NiZir, our strongest proprietary Full Contour Zirconia, surpasses both the strength and esthetics of similarly priced affordable Zirconia restorations.

  • IPS e.max

    IPS e.max is a lithium disilicate glass ceramic that is known for its beautiful esthetics. It is an ideal alternative for higher strength crown and bridge applications in the anterior esthetic zone and premolar regions. IPS e.max crowns and veneers give the vitality and beauty of natural teeth

  • Porcelain Fused to Zirconia

    Porcelain fused to zirconia perfectly combines esthetics and strength resulting in beautiful restorations. A zirconia coping is layered with porcelain (Noritake) to give optimal esthetics. With layered zirconia there is no metal to block out and no black lines at the gingival margin. Conventionally cemented, these restorations are an ideal replacement to PFMs.

  • Porcelain Fused to Metal

    A reputation of the highest quality is built on the artistry of our hand-layered porcelain to metal crowns. We proudly use Noritake porcelain, a superior and high quality ceramic for long term durability and natural esthetics. We offer base, noble, or yellow and white high noble alloys.

  • Full Cast

    Gold restorations are completely biocompatible with gingival tissue, remarkably resistant to plaque and can last a patient’s lifetime. Our full cast crowns are meticulously sculpted out of the finest alloys available. We offer a variety of alloys for our full cast restorations.

  • Maryland Bridges

    Our zirconia or e.max option offers a CAD/CAM design which allows for a conservative preparation design and metal-free wings enhance esthetics eliminating gray shadows on abutment teeth. Our porcelain fused to base metal option offers a metal pontic wrapped in porcelain and polished metal wings. Base metal is recommended for strength but available in Noble if requested.

  • Provisionals

    New Image utilizes a highly esthetic, multi-layered material to mill our long-lasting, high-strength crown and bridge provisionals. CAD/CAM technology ensures precise marginal fit and superior secondary occlusal anatomy.

  • Diagnostic Wax-Ups

    We offer traditional or digital wax-ups. Our traditional wax-ups are digitally designed, milled and hand-carved to final contour. Our digital wax-ups are digitally designed and 3D printed on a resin model.

  • UltraFlex Nightguard

    Our most popular nightguard is made of a unique composite material that thermally adjusts to the patient’s body temperature. This allows for an optimum fit with minimal adjustments. Patient compliance is virtually guaranteed with this hypoallergenic appliance as compared to traditional acrylic nightguards. Choose from clear or a variety of fun colors!

  • Clear Digital Nightguard

    Using the latest technology of printing or milling, we are able to create precision nightguards in the  digital world. Having a digital file makes reproducing a simple phone call. No more reimpressing, just a second delivery.

  • Hard Acrylic Nightguard

    Our acrylic nightguard is crafted with precision and care to provide protection against parafunctional habits and to prevent excessive wear on natural dentition as well as dental restorations. Excellent choice for patients that are severe bruxers and/or grinders.

  • Retainers

    Our retainers are the ideal solution for maintaining your patient’s smile after clear aligners or traditional orthodontic treatment. These comfortable, custom-made retainers are BPA and PVC free. We save the digital models for easy reorders. Order as a single retainer or in sets of 4 for better pricing!